Thursday, March 6, 2008

Owen Hooper

So, even though the Hooper part of Owen's name actually comes from the movie Jaws and isn't a reference to basketball, it does seem like a basketball reference would be oh-so-fitting these days. We play so much basketball! He is always asking me to go out in the garage to play basketball on his hoop. Additionally, he plays phantom basketball all over the place. He runs around pantomiming dribbling, passing, and shooting--all the while with a verbal play-by-play of what's going on. It's pretty cute.

Here are some pictures of him playing basketball in the garage. I took these a few weeks ago, so they're recent but not totally current.

And here's Quincy discovering how much fun the play kitchen and food are.


Kara's Blog said...

So being a former Hooper myself, I have to say that in the 3rd picture down, I am seriouly amazed at Owen's form. He seriously looks like he has good form. What I am also amazed by, is the fact that your garage is clean enough to play basketball in!

Shahnaz said...

Bring your kids and come play in our garage! It's our place for "outdoor" activities in the winter.
Brady works with Owen on his form. He has gone from shooting two-handed to one-handed. Pretty fun to watch the development. He's trying to figure out dribbling, but can't get more than 2 dribbles. It's a great challenge for him though.

Klinkhammers said...

Gary thinks his form is better than the Beavers! (That's a compliment, I believe)