Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3 Already!

I don't know how 3 years have passed already, but Owen turned 3 on March 13th. We celebrated his actual birthday by having dinner at the Mongolian Grill and then having gelato (both Owen's choices).

Here is the pirate costume that Abuela sent to Owen for his birthday party. He was so excited!

A few days later we had his pirate birthday party. We went on a treasure hunt and had so much fun! Grandpa Stan worked hard to convert our wagons into pirate ships.
The kids had to follow treasure maps and find pirate scarves, followed by sashes, and finally swords before we encountered Captain Greybeard at the play structure at the park.
The kids then battled Captain Greybeard and recovered the stolen treasure that was hidden all over the play structure.
Once Greybeard had been defeated and the treasure recovered, the kids swung and swung at a pirate ship pinata until it broke open and showered the kids with chocolate gold coins.

Then we made our way home to where the real birthday treasure was waiting. Everyone had a great time!

I really can't believe he's 3 already. He's a bona fide kid now. He is so amazingly wonderful in so many ways, and I'm the luckiest mom in the world to have him for a kid! He's sweet, empathic, curious, talkative, funny, cuddly, inquisitive, silly, beautiful, know...I'm his mom, I think he's the most wonderful 3-year-old in the world, just like every mom thinks that about her own kid.


Kara's Blog said...

Could that party have been any cuter? I am so impressed. I am afraid that my kiddos my not get such fancy parties, but it looks like grandparents were able to help out too. He is a great kid naturally, because he has a great mom!

Cami said...

I can't believe his three either. Time sure does fly by. Happy Birthday Owen!