Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Camping Trip

We celebrated Labor Day weekend by going camping at Pacific City. It was so much fun!! Brady and I both had to work all day Friday, but Owen got to ride over to the coast in Grandpa Jimmy's big truck. They met Grandma Dawni there and had all kinds of fun all afternoon. Brady, Quincy, and I got there just in time for dinner.

Saturday treated us to a beautiful day at the coast. Grandma Dawni made us a delicious breakfast of hazelnut pancakes and sausages cooked on the camp stove as well as fresh fruit. Quincy was particularly fond of the fruit! Then Owen and Grandma Dawni settled in for a serious game of Candy Land. I think Owen bested Grandma 2 out of 3.

Later in the day, Brady, Owen and I played pickle ball (kind of like tennis but with paddles and a heavy whiffle ball) while Grandpa Jimmy watched with the dogs and Quincy ran amok on the court. It was all fun and games until he had a mishap with the rope from the net and fell on his forehead--pobrecito!

We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather at the coast, so we headed to the beach. The boys loved playing in the sand! We ate dinner on the patio at the Pelican Brewpub, which was great because the boys got to continue playing in the sand. Quincy was fascinated by the seagulls that were walking around on the roof and kept pointing to them saying, "ook!". It was pretty cute.

When we got back to the campsite after dinner Brady and Grandpa Jimmy built a fire while Grandma Dawni and I bathed the boys. Then we were ready for s'mores! We didn't have any regular chocolate, so Ghirardelli Square chocolate mint squares filled in just fine:)

Grandma Dawni headed for home after s'mores, and the boys headed to bed. The boys were so sweet slumbering away together in the coziness of the tent. It rained pretty hard that night, but thankfully we stayed dry.

Sunday was a great day too. There were a few lingering rain showers, but there were patches of beautiful sunshine throughout the day. After a yummy breakfast at the campground lodge, Grandpa Jimmy and I took the boys for a hike in the sand hills above the campground. Owen has such an adventuresome spirit that going on hikes with him is always a treat. And peaking of treats...we were treated to a cool find on our hike...bear tracks...and bunny tracks too! The previous night's rain made the sand just the right consistency to preserve the tracks.

Later I got to relax and read my book while Quincy took his nap and Brady and Grandpa Jimmy took Owen swimming. Then we all hiked down to the beach and had a wonderful time running on the beach and daring the waves to catch us, which in fact they did.

After a delicious dinner, we packed up and headed for home in order to be here when Annanne would return the next day.

Thanks for the great camping weekend, Grandpa Jimmy and Grandma Dawni! We can't wait to do it again!!