Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Mexico Trip Part 1 (Santa Fe)

My friend/coworker, Lural, and I had the opportunity to attend a really excellent Training of Trainers conference in Santa Fe for dual language educators. It was one of those things that we would have traveled anywhere for but were just lucky that it was in lovely Santa Fe at the Hilton, just 2 blocks off of the plaza.

My endlessly patient and accommodating mom agreed to go with us to take care of Owen and Quincy as well as Lural's 10-month-old, Santiago. My mom and the boys spent the bulk of the days out and about in the plaza area of Santa Fe. My mom was constantly being stopped by passersby who commented on the babies and then got lured into conversation with Owen. By Thursday, Owen had made many friends. My mom told me the following story:
They were walking down the street, and there was a man putting money in a meter. Owen said, "Hey, I've seen you before!" To which the man replied, "Yes, you're Owen. And (pointing at the stroller) you're Santiago, and you're..." It turned out that this was Rick, the owner of the book store. Later that evening Owen said to me, "Mom, do you want to go for a little walk and meet the owner of the book shop?"

Here are Quincy and Santiago during one of the very few synchronized naps that they took.

As you may or may not know, Santa Fe is known for its art. One art form that is abundant is sculpture, and Owen fell in love with many sculptures in Santa Fe. In fact, he made daily rounds to several of them--especially to feed the eagles and to play on the bears.

Owen may have only had a one-sided conversation with this new friend.
I love this picture. It shows the developmental stages of these three boys on a beautiful sculpture.Owen was a little sad on Wednesday evening because I had told him that I would take him swimming. However, when we got to the hotel room we found that a large private party was being held on the pool deck. Owen insisted that they wouldn't care if we went swimming anyway and couldn't understand why I didn't feel comfortable parading out there in my swimming suit in front of all of those people. So, his little disappointed self stood at the sliding glass door that faces the pool deck and watched the party. Oh, did I mention that he was naked?

My mom's long time friend and colleague, Kay, met us in Santa Fe on Thursday to hang out with (and help) my mom and the boys. While the two of them went out to dinner without any kids, Lural and I put the boys to bed. When they got back, they stayed with the sleeping babes while Lural and I got to enjoy a meal in a restaurant without kids. It was so relaxing! I set Owen up to listen to a book on the iPod while I put Quincy to bed, and this is how I found him:And, finally, just two of my favorite shots of my boys while we were in Santa Fe...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quincy's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Quincy's 1st birthday with a party at the park. The seemingly omnipresent clouds disappeared, and we were treated to beautiful sunshine. The only drawback was some wind, but once that died down it was perfect. Actually, the wind made for perfect kite flying conditions, and it turns out that Uncle Pat is quite the kite pilot. Thanks, Uncle Pat! Here are some pictures from the party...

Here are all the babies (left to right: Rory (15 months), Alex (14 months), Quincy (12 months), Cole (8 months)--Owen and Mia are off playing somewhere):
Owen and Mia climbing the mountain:

Quincy and Cousin Rory getting ready to slide:

Uncle Pat piloting the shark kite:
Mia playing with a turtle balloon:

You know what they say...the family that plays together...

I made a turtle cake out of banana cupcakes:

The Birthday Prince (The Klinkhammers got him this adorable birthday crown!):

Quincy wasted no time getting into the frosting:
Thanks to everyone who came to Quincy's party to help us celebrate his first year! Quincy (and we) are so very blessed with the absolute best family and friends, and for that we are eternally grateful. It certainly takes a village to raise a kid, and we thank you all for being part of our village.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Q is One!

I don't know how a whole year has possibly lapsed since this precious baby was born, but I realize that somehow it has. Last year on June 11th, I went to school and taught in the morning. By 3:10 that afternoon Quincy had made his grand entry into his daddy's waiting hands and our family's hearts.

Quincy has been an absolutely wonderful baby since day 1. He was the most laid-back happy-go-lucky baby that I think I've ever met in my life. He is a little more opinionated in his toddlerhood. He demands to be picked up and then immediately squirms to be put down. For all the time that he happily let his big brother steamroll or tackle him, Quincy now squeals at Owen if he (Owen) takes away whatever toy he is playing with, knocks him down, etc. He loves life and laughs his way through it.

He is very adventurous. I often hear him calling me with a very specific "eh" from the general area of our stairway. I usually find him on our landing (4 steps up from the ground floor) poised to take on the final 10 steps as soon as I get there to see him do it. He does this with a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin that I imagine says, "I know I'm not supposed to be doing this, Mommy, but watch me anyway!"

He is a bit of a daredevil. He loves to climb onto things and then put his arms up in victory and laugh. For example: a few weeks ago I was trying to unload the dishwasher when Quincy discovered me--or rather, he discovered the open dishwasher. I turned around to put a stack of dishes in the cabinet, and when I turned back around he was standing up on the dishwasher door!

Two days ago he was playing on the kids' patio furniture that is outside on their mini patio. He first climbed up onto the bench by himself. Pretty soon he was standing on it, and shortly after that he was bouncing and making it rock since it's not on a completely even surface. About a minute later he was bending over on said bench and did a handless somersault onto the concrete pavement. He cried for about 4 seconds and then was climbing back up again.

He continues to look like a little cherub with rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes. He has a grin that could melt anyone's heart, and is a very snuggly little boy. I am just the luckiest to be his mom.

Monday, June 2, 2008

First Kiss

Brady and I were kissing, and I had Quincy in my arms. Quincy pushed Brady away, and as Brady was saying, "I know you like to get in between us, but we're kissing," Quincy leaned in and gave me an open-mouthed kiss. Now when you ask for a kiss, Quincy plants a big wet one on you. Pretty sweet. Is 11.5 months too young for an Oedipus complex?