Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quincy's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Quincy's 1st birthday with a party at the park. The seemingly omnipresent clouds disappeared, and we were treated to beautiful sunshine. The only drawback was some wind, but once that died down it was perfect. Actually, the wind made for perfect kite flying conditions, and it turns out that Uncle Pat is quite the kite pilot. Thanks, Uncle Pat! Here are some pictures from the party...

Here are all the babies (left to right: Rory (15 months), Alex (14 months), Quincy (12 months), Cole (8 months)--Owen and Mia are off playing somewhere):
Owen and Mia climbing the mountain:

Quincy and Cousin Rory getting ready to slide:

Uncle Pat piloting the shark kite:
Mia playing with a turtle balloon:

You know what they say...the family that plays together...

I made a turtle cake out of banana cupcakes:

The Birthday Prince (The Klinkhammers got him this adorable birthday crown!):

Quincy wasted no time getting into the frosting:
Thanks to everyone who came to Quincy's party to help us celebrate his first year! Quincy (and we) are so very blessed with the absolute best family and friends, and for that we are eternally grateful. It certainly takes a village to raise a kid, and we thank you all for being part of our village.


Drew Watts said...

Quincy's 1st Birthday Party was adorable. And that themed cake is just tremendous. Our little one is also turning one soon so we are planning an enjoyable party for him at one of the best LA event venues. It will be a DIY pizza party for our family members and close friends.