Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Pageant

Our church decided to resurrect an old tradition of having a Christmas pageant this year. I think they did a great job of incorporating all ages of kids and youth. It was narrated by high schoolers, middle school youth were the principles, elementary school kids were the wise people, townspeople, and shepherds. And preschool-kinder kids were the sheep. This is the category into which Owen fell, and he had so much fun! I'll see if I can get some video posted at some point because it was classic as Owen belted out "Behold That Star" just a little louder and a little ahead of everyone else. Liz, the senior minister, told me afterward, "Owen stole the show." And at church the following Sunday she said with a chuckle, "People are still talking about your son." And to think that I thought there was a possibility that he would decide not to go on stage at all. Anyway, the pageant was great! All of the kids did such a great job!

Owen, Rachel, and Grace in the costume room

Owen getting his makeup on

During the pageant

After the pageant, we came home and lit the advent candles and put out treats for Santa.