Monday, August 18, 2008

A Little Change to the Boys' Room

The elementary school teacher (and now literacy coach) in me has always been bothered by the way we stored/displayed the kids' books on a regular book shelf. I had a clear vision of what I wanted, so I called Grandpa Stan and asked him to help me with a project. He met us at Home Depot an hour later. After several hours of careful labor by Grandpa Stan, the boys now have book rails in their room. Yea! The book shelf moved into the closet where it is now being used as storage for books while we rotate books through the book rails.
Thanks, Grandpa! It looks and functions exactly the way I wanted it to. The boys love it too. Owen thanks you for his new bookshelf, and Quincy thanks you for his new climbing apparatus (hopefully those mollies will hold 26 pounds).


Brittany Maloney said...

oohhhhh- I love it! Grandpa Stan is going to be very busy as we start switching things around in our house- who knew that if you could invision it, he could build it! I'm putting book rails on our list! ~Britt

drygoods said...

Oh, I love it too! It looks great - and it's a perfect display for all the wonderful books you guys have!

Rebecca said...

i want one! seriously, maybe i'll add this one to the project list for after the train table that cory is working on.

Klinkhammers said...

Way to go Mom and Grandpa! What a team and how wonderful for the boys. Looks great. I just want to come over and pick out a fun book to read with Quincy and Owen!
Grandma K