Monday, July 14, 2008

New Mexico Trip Part 2 (Albuquerque)

After my conference ended in Santa Fe, we headed to Albuquerque and spent the weekend with my dear friend Jane and her husband Todd. It was great to be back in one of my old home towns. I got to eat at some favorite restaurants and take the kids to some of my favorite places.

Jane and I took the kids to the zoo and aquarium on Saturday and spent 7 hours there. Owen would have happily stayed longer, but the zoo was closing. The Rio Grande zoo is really great. I have wonderful memories of it as a kid, and they've made some great updates to it over the years. Owen is really into animals--and especially the food chain. He loves big cats, and the zoo in Albuquerque has a huge collection of big wild cats.

Quincy looking at Red Kangaroos

Owen climbed all up and through this wonderful play structure. It has multiple levels and obstacles. Owen got himself up into a tower where he could watch the giraffes. To get out, you go down a big slide. So fun!
Meanwhile, Quincy toddled around eating lunch and playing on this Komodo Dragon sculpture.
One of the many highlights of the zoo trip was this baby chimp. It was so fun to watch, and it was interesting to see that the mama chimp interacted with her baby much like we humans do. Here is Owen watching the mama chimp tickle her baby under its chin.We spent most of Sunday with my mom before she headed to Alamogordo to do a locum tenens job for the rest of the summer. We went up the tram and had so much fun! The tram that goes from the base of the mountain up to Sandia Crest is the longest tram in the world, and rises from 6,900 feet at the base to a little over 10,000 feet at the top. Owen was in awe.

Owen looking down at Albuquerque
Quincy on the deck outside the High Finance restaurant, where we had lunch.Hiking part of the Crest Trail

Owen found a nice natural chair to rest on.
Hiking at 10,000 feet is such hard work!
Looking down the mountainOwen in the tram car on the way down the mountain
Approaching the base of the mountain
We were sad to say good-bye to Annanne for the rest of the summer. We had so much fun in New Mexico, but we were ready to get home to daddy after being gone for a week. Once again, the boys were the world's best travelers!


drygoods said...

Your trip looks like it was so much fun and there is some beautiful scenery. Those boys just keep growing up to be cuter and cuter! See you soon, can't wait!