Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We just got back from 6 days in Sunriver, and it was such a treat! I drove over last Wednesday with the boys and my mom. Lourdes and Jo flew into Redmond and met us in Sunriver that night. Brady joined us Friday afternoon. Even though we only had one sunny central Oregon day before several days of clouds and rain showers, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I won't recap each day, but here are some highlights:

  • Making bird/squirrel feeders out of pine cones that Owen collected and then watching the animals enjoy them
  • Bend Children's Museum--I could make a whole separate list of highlights just under this category. Owen loves this place and could spend a whole day there!
  • Walking through the village
  • Visiting open houses and thinking about our own possible Sunriver house
  • Goody's ice cream shop (3 visits, to be exact)
  • Bike rides--including Quincy's first ride in the bike trailer and Owen's first rides on the tag-along as well as a 2-wheeler with training wheels.
  • An afternoon at the beautiful High Desert Museum--Owen has been playing "High Desert Museum" ever since we got back to Corvallis and sleeps with his new river otter puppet
  • Having 3 grandmas on hand which meant that I shipped the kids downstairs and TWICE slept in until 9:00!!!
  • Dinner at Merenda in downtown Bend
  • A pony ride followed by lassoing an iron calf (or trying to)
  • Playing at Fort Rock Park--Owen and Quincy both went down the slides more times than I can count. Unfortunately, we never had a camera there with us.
Most of the pictures were taken on Lourdes and Jo's camera, but here are a few that I took.

Here is Owen riding Houdini
Owen, Brady and Lourdes roping the calfOwen and I riding bikes (or should I say bike?)
Quincy and Brady watching the bike riders
Here's Owen trying a 2-wheeler

In this picture Lourdes is demonstrating to Owen how Eagles use their talons to catch their prey. Owen is really into birds of prey these days.
I love this picture of Owen's excitement about Thomas the river otterOwen reading a sign. This is what he was saying: "Be very quiet so you don't scare the birds, and stay on the path."Here's a picture of Owen and me inside the tipi
Quincy outside the High Desert Museum


Elisa said...

Hello Shahnaz! How much fun that must have been. Your making me homesick for Oregon! I love reading your blog, I can't believe how time flies. Your boys are so handsome, Owen seems so creative and politically active!!!!!! Take care! Elisa

drygoods said...

I absolutely love Owen's face riding Houdini! I can't wait to see those little (well actually not so little as much anymore) guys and you too soon!