Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enjoying the Sun in California

Poor Lourdes has been laid up with a compression fracture in her back ever since she fell on our stairs during a visit in February. Jo called me on a Wednesday to see if I could get down there with the boys for a little pick-me-up for Lourdes. We were there by Friday afternoon, and it was all a surprise! We had SO much fun!!! It was perfectly sunny and 85 degrees there. We spent many hours outside. We were there for three days, and we had three picnic lunches in parks. We played at the pool for two afternoons. Lourdes had to retreat to the house for long afternoon naps, but she was able to play a lot too.

Here is a picture of Owen and Lourdes playing "Aomatsu." (Aomatsu is a Japanese restaurant here in Corvallis, and it's Owen's favorite place to eat). They played sushi and tepanyaki grill chefs for hours at a time.

Here are some pictures from Pioneer Park, which is right by Lourdes and Jo's house. It was Quincy's first time playing in the sand and the grass. He loved it!

Santa Rosa has a wonderful park that has the best play areas, as well as a train to ride, a carousel, pony rides, a small lake with paddle boats and kayaks. We went there twice, and both boys loved it! Yea for Howarth Park! One day there, we ran into Jo's niece and family, so Owen got to play with Julia and Brady.

Here are Owen and Noni Jo taking care of their race horses.

Here's Quincy enjoying his first watermelon. He loved it--even the rind!Here are Owen, Julia, and Brady waiting for the train.

Here's Owen on the carousel.Feeding the geese...
Owen and Lourdes made a delicious smoothie one evening. This was an extension of playing Aomatsu.
Lourdes needed to rest by lying on her back, so here is a picture of Owen helping her do that. They are watching Marry Poppins together.
We had SOOOOO much fun! We can't wait to go back! Thank you Noni Jo and Abuela!!!


drygoods said...

Love all the pictures of Owen and Quincy, both of which grow by the second - I can just hear Owen playing grill chef, love it! Hope we can see you guys one of these days.

Kara's Blog said...

The sushi thing really is great. What a sweetie pie. He will probably be a great chef for his wife someday!

Kate Harpster said... did you find me??? You're kids are sooo friggen cute!!!!! It's been SOoo long!! I would love to catch me at Seriously, you're family is too cute, congratulations!