Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Future President(s) (follow-up to State of the Union)

The following conversation took place in the car as I was taking Owen to his play-school yesterday.

Mommy: Who is our president?
Owen: Bush.
M: That's right.
O: You don't like him, Mommy?
M: No, I don't like him.
O: Why?
M: Because I think he makes bad decisions.
O: Why?
M: Because I think he's selfish and greedy. But it's ok because we're going to get a new president next year.
O: I could be your president!
M: You want to be the president?
O: Yeah! I could do it.
M: I know you could. You can run for president someday if you want. Let's see...who do you think will be our next president? It looks like it will either be Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain,
O: John McCain.
M:...or maybe Mitt Romney.
O: John McCain.
M: Are you sure? I thought you liked Obama.
O: Yeah. Obama. He's my best friend!


Rebecca said...

You've got good taste, Owen! Obama would make a fabulous best friend.

the Klinks said...

So the other day, I was saying something and Mia goes "Stop talking!" I explained to her that we live in a country with free speech so I don't have to stop talking and she replied, "no, we NOT have free speech in this country!" And Nathan and I looked at each other like, 'you know, she's on to something' maybe Mia can be Owen's running mate.....